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Tentative offer dates for MBA 2023-25 batch admission

Offer ListDate of Announcement of Offer ListStatusLast date of payment of Acceptance Fee Last date of Acceptance Confirmation
1st Offer List10-May-2023Released14-May-2023 upto 5pm
14-May-2022 upto 5pm
2nd Offer List15-May-2022Released18-May-2023 upto 5pm
18-May-2023 upto 5pm
3rd Offer List19-May-2023Released22-May-2023 upto 5pm
22-May-2023 upto 5pm
4th Offer List29-May-2023Released02-June-2023 upto 5pm
02-June-2023 upto 5pm
Willingness Offer31-May-2023Released03-June-2023 upto 5pm
03-June-2023 upto 5pm
5th Offer List06-Jun-2023Released08-June-2023 upto 5pm
08-June-2023 upto 5pm
6th Offer List09-Jun-2023Released12-June-2023 upto 5pm
12-June-2023 upto 5pm
7th Offer List21-Jun-2023Released23-June-2023 upto 5pm
23-June-2023 upto 5pm
8th Offer List26-Jun-2023Released28-June-2023 upto 5pm
28-June-2023 upto 5pm
9th Offer List01-Jul-2023Released04-July-2023 upto 5pm
04-July-2023 upto 5pm
10th Offer List13-Jul-2023Released14-July-2023 upto 5pm
14-July-2023 upto 5pm
11th Offer List14-Jul-2023Released15-July-2023 upto 2pm
15-July-2023 upto 2pm

For Any Query Contact to Student Admission committee

Name Contact No.
Mukta 8763965839
Rohan 7337251540
Abhishek 8270435639
Abjad 7002611740
Alisha 9027239104
Annesha 8861858457
Arnab 8327715633
Kartikeya 9516023105
Kashak 7768099695
Sharon 9337715426
Vaishali 8250324485
Varun 9476296735

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